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Living in Yesler Terrace since I was so ever young, I have experience the changes and improvements of the architecture. It feels as if society is developing into our modern era. The population is increasing there is more rooms, there is a community center open to all. Yesler is becoming more safer for all, there has been and increase in security. I think the future Yesler Terrace will be a better place to live for all low income families.
It's pretty good. I have been around and know most of the children there. They're mostly friendly. I used to ride my bike around the place and I seen recognize faces.
There is no crime in this area. It's very safe even at night.
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There are a lot of homeless people.
This area is very hip and happening. There is more work to do, however there is a lot of potential.
I heard about there are crimes around this area but I believe it will become better over time.
The foods over here are very tasty.
There are many types of stores. You can buy whatever you want.
There are still many people cannot find a job that fit for them.