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Unquestionably the nicest neighborhood in Salt Lake City (perhaps in all of Utah) when accounting for aesthetics, walkability, diversity of thought, school quality, access to downtown and the great outdoors, and quality of life. If you are not Mormon here, you will still feel like part of the community, unlike most of the rest of Utah. Other than maybe Park City, I wouldn’t live anywhere else, especially if I were to move here again from out of state.
Excellent neighborhood. I've lived here for 8 years. My home value nearly doubled. Great walkability. You can shop without a car. Great selection of restaurants and good stores within 10 minutes walk. I bike to work at the University of Utah. 8 minutes to go, 6 minutes to come back. Very safe. I have not noticed any crime. I often walk our dog at midnight by myself and nothing to worry about. Family friendly, with little kids selling lemonade in the streets during the summer. Very quiet and peaceful. Half hour from amazing skiing and 10 minutes from nice hiking trails in the foothills. 10 minutes from everything downtown Salt Lake has to offer but the city feels an hour away. Great schools. Friendly people. Many parks, beautiful tree-lined streets and a diversity of beautiful homes, many of them historic and well-maintained. It looks like an American neighborhood from a movies. I am foreign- born minority and very liberal. People have been very friendly. I feel lucky to live here
I feel like Satl Lake City is all about networking or knowing the right person. It is way less about actual talent or skill.
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Some of the properties are VERY old and no one will update them with proper plumbing/ligh fixtures. Some neighborhoods are VERY nice though.
A lot of people hike and use bike trails.
It's good. I wish there were more Unique loca restaurants though. We have a lot of general fast food chains.
I feel like the racial diversity is fairly diverse. However, more than 50% of the population of Salt Lake is Christian or LDS. People in Salt Lake aren't exposed to other religious cultures as often. There is some diversity in political affiliations though.