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It's a safe area, crime isn't very prevalent. The police are around my area of town sometimes, but not very often because they aren't highly demanded in my area of town.
I think I would choose to live here again, it's the perfect distance from Dallas, and has a lot of culture in itself. There are hidden gems all over the town, and there are a lot of wonderful parks. You just have to be willing to look. I think that this area is improving and has a high potential for families with children.
I think this area is great for a family. There are many nearby amenities such as gas station, nearby parks, restaurants, hardware store, fast foods, auto shops, car wash, super-markets, and malls within a 15 minute drive. I absolutely love living here because it feels safe and the crime rate is low which bring peace for the children in the house. The general atmosphere seems friendly and the neighbors are welcoming and caring.
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There are restaurants, a few bars, gas stations (QT/RaceTrack, 7-11), WalMart, Target, some clothing stores like Ross, Payless Shoes, Lowes ad Home Depot nearby.
be cheaper for everyone. diverse people.
A lot of businesses both big and small. buy anything