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Wynnewood Heights Reviews

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There could be more safety, if more police were around to watch the area.
A good area to meet people of diverse ethnic groups.
These houses are the type that are passed down for generations and the houses are pretty well taken care of. Though there are some that become vacant but then are redone and then someone new will move in. I am not completely familiar with the price ranges of the homes. There are some areas further down from my street which are not the best areas to live in though my street itself is pretty good.
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My neighborhood is a community it is type of family. The people that live here have lived here most of their lives and the families usually use the same house for generations to be passed down to. You see your neighbors grow up as well as they see you grow up. My neighbors who live on both sides of my home I have known for my entire life and they are people you become close with. Mostly everyone in the neighborhood tends to have a dog though they never really come face to face you recognize which dog goes to whom. Though my neighborhood is not the type that really comes together since most of them usually stick to themselves.
Growing up in this area it may not have always been the safest area but since I have grown to know the area more I have become to feel safer. The history of this area shows it to be not the best area thought the crime is not truly as bad as it seems. I have lived here most of my life and becomes it is my home it is safe to me. Usually there are police seen in area just driving around to help people feel safer as well as the police and fire stations are around the corner from my home.
police men are always slow when we need them!
The overall ranking in this area is good not as bad as i would think it would get!
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