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I was born and raised in Wynnefield. It is a usually a quiet neighborhood with an occasional disturbance during the summer months. Wynnefield is a place to raise your children and create longtime friendships and relationships with neighbors. The key to a great neighborhood is the relationship you have and create with others. Getting involved and being proactive in your neighborhood will in the long decrease crime and increase property value. No where in this city are you completely safe however if you get to know your neighbors and reciprocate respect for one another Wynnefield is the place to live. Wynnefield is convenient to every part of the city. You connected to Fairmount Park and City Ave making Wynnefield a central place to commute. Wynnefield is West Philadelphia's best community in my opinion. Move here and you will love the decision you've made.
Chose to move here when I bought my first home after living in Willingboro NJ, mostly for affordability (because Jersey taxes are ridiculous), city-living/conveniences, and school choice (I'm a mom and a teacher). Overall I like this neighborhood....It can be shockingly "suburb" quiet most of the time and there has been a LOT of growth in the seven years I've been here--rehabbed houses are selling for almost double what I paid for my short sale! Also two new developments for seniors have recently been built. This IS the city though, and you'll have occasional reminders of that (i.e. the rare sound of gunshots, or seeing a police chase on 53rd street). But overall, those things don't regularly occur around here. There are even quieter pockets of Wynnefield the closer you get to City Line Avenue. If I had it to do all over again, I just would've bought a bigger house in Wynnefield. PS-most houses have a garage, which is nice!
I like all the new apartment buildings that that are being developed because it has improved the neighborhood greatly.
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This neighborhood is generally okay to live. Compared to other place in the country it is definitely not the best because of the amount of violence that takes place. It is a beautiful are however, the youth lacks maturity and responsibility. This is makes certain things difficult such as feeling safe to walk to the store, going to school or just enjoying yourself outside. I see the future for this area having the potential to improve, however it is up to the parents to set better examples for their children so that they can value life. It is not the are that is difficult to live in, it is the people that area making it difficult to live with.
There are times when you can hear gun shots but you rarely hear of people dying in this area. I feel safe living where I live.
It would be better if there was more things to do. But safety wise I feel comfortable where I live
It's bad but I'm able to deal with it since I don't actually travel anywhere.
I'd rather live in a different neighborhood, but this one will do for the time being.
You're never save 100% of the time anywhere you go
Wynnefield used to be very nice and beautiful clean neighborhood but now it's starting to lose it value
I believe this part of town is ok not to much crime the college is rite up the street. there are cops around all the time patrolling the area I think because of the mayors house there are always cops patrolling.
overall the neighborhood I live in is nice. I have great neighbors the stores are convenient and there are plenty of buses that take you where ever you need to go. I choose to move here because its location is close to the high way so it easy access to getting to Montgomery county the north east and center city. I would definitely live here again. don't think its the best in the country but definitely one of the better areas in Philadelphia. I believe the future of this place will be taken over by saint Joes college making there more dorms and the schools property expand.
New atmosphere, really new everything
I like it here. However, there's a big difference between living here and right up the street. How come they can't treat this part of the community the same as up the street.
This area is okay but could be better some things still need to be addressed
Living right off of City Line Ave. there are many choices of restaurants from fast food, mexican, organic,etc. Something for any ones palate.
I not sure about what most people do for a living n this area but there is a high percentage of people that are employed. Within in the pass 4-5 years several businesses have opened in this area and has employed many persons through community churches in the area along with other people who were unemployed.
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Would like to see more smaller scale stores opposed to some of the larger stores that have move in.
There are not as many restaurants that have high quality food, bars, and atmosphere. There are no clubs in my area whatsoever. Most of these things are located downtown in Central Philadelphia. There are a few small restaurants but they are mostly appropriate for lunch and not dinner. There are mostly fast food places in my area and that is where people get their dinner quick but it is not appropriate for the perfect night out with friends and family.
The job opportunities in my area are a bit slim, but it all depends on if you are actually looking for a job. Not all jobs in my area are actually jobs that people would like, but since it is a job that pays at an appropriate salary, it is manageable for many people. From fast food restaurants to small clothing stores, there are opportunities, but it all depends on if those stores are hiring.