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Wynnefield Heights Reviews

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I moved here recently for graduates school and it is both lively yet safe and family friendly! I love my new apartment and there is always something to do on City Ave.
I never knew Wynnefield Heights existed until I was apartment hunting one day. We found a great apartment, and fell in love with the neighborhood! From the tree-lined streets, to the sounds of the exotic birds. We loved it so much, we bought a house in the neighborhood. We never want to leave!
We love the area. It's location is convenient for school and work. It's a safe area for my family with several nice playgrounds within walking distance, as well as convenient grocery stores and other places in close proximity.
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Nice apartments in a gated community
There hasn't been a need for any cops, no crime.
Foreigners in college are the main residents.
Many snow storms in the winter going into spring
All of the restaurants are popular with good food.
Most people have jobs that are upscale.
I can get what I need out of these stores.