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The park is built for all types of exercise. My husband and I love going for a run through Forest Park and then taking our dog for a walk through there after. It is friendly and open with water fountains placed around the outside.
It is cheaper to live here than where I am from which is great. The residences are older and have a bit more maintenance required.
Each season is distinctly it's own. I am not a fan of humidity, but the temperature is great in the spring and summer.
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Mostly retail positions around that are looking for people with lots of retail experience and find people to be overqualified if they are college educated. Took me a while to find a job as I cannot work in my field until I graduate.
I have not been blown away by any great places nor have I found anywhere to be extremely off putting. It is what I expected of city life.
Too many people are handed food stamps/free housing/etc who don't really need it and people who are truly disabled and impoverished have to fight for years to get assistance.
There are a LOT of abandoned houses and apartment buildings in the area; especially downtown. However, there are a lot of diverse neighborhoods with different styles of housing and I think it's great. I love how you can tell what part of the city you are in depending on the houses. The housing also shows how old and historic St. Louis is, but we need to renovate/demolish the many places that have been left to rot for one reason or another.
There is a huge issue with police brutality, especially among minorities. Because of protests, there is a lot of anger now and it's making the area even more unsafe than it was before. There are good cops who are great at their jobs, but there is a majority of bad/racist/lazy cops.
While there aren't a lot of natural disaster type weather problems, St. Louis is notorious for the fast and dramatic weather changes it goes through year round. One day it can be sunny and 80 degrees, while the next is cold, wet, and 30 degrees. It is also extremely humid, making the summers hotter than most places.
There are a ton of locally owned places to eat, which is great because many people get sick of the same chain restaurants day after day. The prices aren't totally bad and the restaurants are usually open till 10pm or later.
It's like the rest of American; many people fighting for fewer jobs. Unless you're looking into fast food, you will have a rough time finding a job. People who do get decent jobs hold onto them, making people that are just now getting into the job market struggle.
There is a very wide variety of different shops available. They are usually very friendly and diverse and you can always find what you're looking for. There are lots of artsy and unique places to shop for clothes and household decorations.