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If you love baseball, good food, and good drinks, then Wrigleyville is an excellent neighborhood to go to. Home to the friendly confines, the town is painted in Cubby blue, and is home to many fans. With new restaurants and bars popping up all the time, it is an excellent area for everyone.
The neighborhood is growing. There is construction all around Wrigley field, but when I walk outside my door everything is in walking distance.
Living over here is amazing! The atmosphere, the vibe and the people make it seem like a home away from home. The Chicago Cubs stadium commute is a 10 minute walk from my place, the nightlife in Wrigley is one of the best in the country and we cannot beat out a Starbucks. With my social organization, we went to a public elementary school in the area to speak about growing up in Chicago and these children enthusiasm for the talk was incredible. Their thought processes were very much engaged in the issues going on in Chicago.
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I just moved into this area from uptown, it is quiet, there are ni shooting s and drivebys. The big plus is that wrigley park is just up the street from me.
Wrigleyville has the most when it comes to atmosphere, culture, and nightlife. The neighborhood has its own energy. Not only this, but you are walking distance from food, the lake, and everything else Chicago has to offer.
I currently live in Wrigleyville and some time it's a pain and you love it. It's a pain when there is something going on at Wrigley Field due to the lack of parking. But, you love it because of the great places around here and because the redline is easily accessible.