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I have never felt threatened or scared in this area before. There is a strong visibility of police in the neighborhood since there have been a few break ins, and they are always patrolling.
I love living in this area and there is no where else i could see growing up in. I would live here again once i graduate. This area is growing immensely and so i see a very large expansion of the area soon.
The weather here is very eccentric and likes to throw curveballs.
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The biggest problem is the cracking asphalt.
It's an older part of town, and in most of the houses thrower are older couples.
I haven't entered the job market, but it seems to be very specialized
I love eating in Austin!
The access to gyms isn't great, but the health services are spot on.
There are many options for shopping and/or eating around here.
The public services are good here, quick response times
There are very friendly people here, mostly old couples.
There is no major crime in the area, and any petty crime doesn't affect me much.
The parks here are beautiful.
There are train tracks that run behind the houses, but they aren't too distracting.