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The public service is average. Police do their jobs, however I do not feel comfortable around them. The bus drivers are polite and helpful.
There's a lot of drug trafficking and prostitution and I also hear gun shots at night. I do not feel comfortable in this neighborhood. I do not like walking home during the day or night.
For the most part, the weather is average there may be a bad thunderstorm that might cause a tree to fall but that's it.
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There are not many sit-in restaurants in the neighborhood unless they are owned by an entrepreneur and often times those do not stay open for long because they do not receive a lot of business. However, there are fast food places such as Burger King, Popeye's and Captain Dee's.
I'm a college student and evening finding a temporary job is difficult because they do not want to cut other employees hours who might need them in my opinion. Or may feel I am not as experienced although I have prior experience.
Save-A-Lot is a mediocre store it has the necessity and cheaper prices which is more convenient for my family. Sometimes the store is dirt; for the most part I do not mind shopping there.