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Woodside is a suburban neighborhood with an extremely diverse population. I've lived in the area for nine years and I've always felt safe, even when walking home late at night. The food is good and everything is priced daily.
I have lived in Woodside for my whole life, and its an amazing neighborhood. This neighborhood definitely has a lot of great opportunities and it is a great place to live in. I have seen change throughout the years and this neighborhood has improved. There are numerous places all around, which means its current residents don't have to travel far if they want to eat something specific or need something. The MTA serves as a form of transportation to get from Uptown to Downtown. Overall, Woodside has a place in my heart, for sure.
Woodside is a very diverse and big neighborhood, has great places to eat, and is a fairly quiet neighborhood when you are in the residential area. The elementary and middle schools in the neighborhood are pretty good, however there is not much to say about the high schools.
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Woodside is a quiet neighborhood in general. Convenient transportation options, including the 7 train and the Long Island Rail Road. Many places to shop for groceries and their prices are decent. However, Woodside has been going under gentrification over the past years, so I think the cost of living around here will continue to rise in the next few years.
I really like this neighborhood because people in here are nice and friendly. I move to Woodside for 5 years when I was high school, I remember when i first move here is winter, I was waiting for the bus at the bus stop and people are start talking to me like a friends. They are telling me about something good around woodside, so I got really fast to get use to here.
I spent my whole life till now in Woodside and I love it. When you walk down the street, there is always someone that will smile or even say something like, "Good Morning" or "Good Afternoon", or even a friendly "Hi" There is no better neighborhood than Woodside. With a mix of culture and traditions, and diversity. There is no better place that I would pick than this town.
woodside is a very friendly neighborhood! There is a park near by restaurant and a express subway what else you can ask for more. Convinent grocery strores and cafes. Nice people and clean environment you would love to stay
It is a very safe and friendly neighborhood but rent is very expensive. Good for people who work in the city.
What I like about Woodside is that it is calm and peaceful and everyone minds their own business on a daily basis. I also like it because it is close to public transportation and you can easily access the city, which is close to Woodside. What I would like to change about Woodside is the cost of houses. I want them to get lower. I also want to see change in the neighborhoods because some houses are really old and really need renovation. I wish that not that many people lived in Woodside. I wish the people were more higher class too because many in my neighborhood are homeless and are poor.
Woodside is a very quite and nice neighborhood. I've been living here since I was born and it is very close to Jackson Heights which is very convenient to buy anything that you may need. The 7 train runs through the neighborhood and there are many buses in the surrounding area making transportation very convenient and reliable. The community is largely composed of Hispanics and Southern Asians, allowing those with the same culture feel welcomed and able to share more experiences.
All sorts of restaurants/fastfood and stores. Train is nearby. A few varying parks are available to bring your children. Pretty safe.
Quiet place. There is 7 train between flushing and manhattan. I will recommed to asians who need grocery shopping or more asian restaurants. Because 7 train takes only 20-30mins to go to flushing from woodside.
I like about Woodside is its easy to travel to one place to another with train or bus. The neighborhood is good and there is stores everywhere.
Woodside is a great, family friendly neighborhood to live in. Lots of good food options, a few gyms, coffee shops, and more. My favorite coffee shop is called Lucid Cafe, my favorite pizza place is called La Flor, my gym is called Blink, and my swimming pool is called the St.Sebastian Parish Center.
Overall, the community is very close knit. There is a good amount of diversity and a wide array of restaurants to choose from.
I grew up here, it's a convenient place to live and close to train stations. Lots of diversity too. It's a comfortable metropolitan area in Queens with access to a lot of conveniences.
Woodside one of the most beautiful communities in Queens, the area is full of parks and playgrounds and the subway system makes it very convenient for transportation.
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I was raised in a community that has always made me feel safe. The Irish community has been welcoming and polite. We have kids and adults in "Woodside on the Move," where every spring and summer they work on gardening in our local parks to painting chipped walls and pretty murals. It's a friendly neighborhood in the big apple.
Transportation is very good and easy to go to work and school. I can buy whatever I want. Diversity of people and food.
Woodside is a place where it feels like home even if you have never visited before. It is a quiet, friendly neighborhood with the occasional disturbance here and there but it is filled with diversity and the commuter connections and travel, as well as convenience, make this a place you'll like easily.