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The drugs are everywhere. There have been several drug dealers arrested on my block alone.
Not the best atmosphere due to drugs and crime but the neighborhood is clean and well-kept.
Houses are good, lawns are nicely kept clean and neat
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people occasionally get a bit out of control but it's good for the most part
This is a good area and is close to transportation places
The houses are nice and everything is at your convenience. It may not be as big as you might like.
It is very safe, especially in the south side of the island. Much more drug related crime occurs at the north side.
Weather is often nice. However, we do get harsh winters and can be effected by hurricanes.
There are numerous restaurants and bars, although not many clubs or much night life. You run out of things to do.
There are numerous job opportunities in the area and there is no trouble finding work. However, it may not be the job you would like to do, nor get paid the amount you would like. The standard of living is also very high here as opposed to other states.
Local businesses are often ran by people you know here on the island.
Target, CVS, Top Tomato, Everything you need