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My block is the best block in the city. What I love most is that you get a feel of both city life and suburban life. I've never had such great neighbors!
I have always felt somewhat safe in my neighborhood. I do live next to an ally and have always been a bit cautious at night when I see people walking through it that I don't know. However, there has been a dramatic change in the area and many houses are being redone and it is turning into a very upscale neighborhood. There is very little crimes that take place in the area. Cops frequently drive through but just passing by.
I've grown up in this area since I was born and it has slowly evolved into a thriving community. There are so many more restaurants and markets opening up which give the neighborhood a better common connection. I would definitely live here again and I hope to continue to live in the area for as long as I can! I see this area becoming more and more populated and growing into an amazing community even more.
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Wish they had better places to eat in walking distance.
This is as close as it gets to suburbs in DC without actually going there. The jobs are scarce and not too close to the neighborhood.
You have the occasional marijuana smokers and drunken idiots but they keep to themselves.