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The Woodlawn neighborhood in Portland is a quiet up and coming place. I feel safe walking my dog at night and the neighborhood has a nice feel to it. There are good restaurants nearby within walking distance and downtown is only a 10 minute drive without traffic. Most people you greet walking down the street are friendly. If I feel like going to Vancouver WA it is only an 8 minute drive without traffic. This is a wounderful neighborhood and I would recommend living here to anyone looking for a change of scenery.
Our community just recently became very prone to gun violence. Teenagers and youth are the main cause of this violence. Also police are involved in this gun violence as well. They tend to not follow protocol and proper suspect handling.
I really love my neighborhood and the sense of community. Everyone tends to look out for each other. All of your daily needs are within the neighborhood and it makes its easy to asses needs within your community and without the need of anything more then public transportation or your feet. This neighborhood also takes pride in sporting local businesses. This year alone we have had 6 new businesses and a local farmers market start up. You will often see mommy groups at the park, fundraisers at the non-profit public house and neighborhood association meetings in the church basement. Most people know each other and say hi in passing. It's like living in a conformable small town but open minded and community based.
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It's a good to live in. There is not a lot of violence and it's usually quiet. I love it.