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It shows a lot of promise as a neighborhood. It is close to the lake and the university of chicago, there is a golf club, beaches, museums and a lot of parks. Sadly, there is also a lot of empty lots and seedy areas where one does not feel very safe. I wish people saw the potential of this are and started populating it with homes and restaurants and retail.
Woodlawn is really starting to clean up as the rents keep going up. There have been a lot of improvements especially in the Northeast quadrant. I've started to see a lot more people walking their dogs and jogging in the morning, so you know things are really changing
The things I like about Woodlawn would have to be the food options all around, there are so many amazing food restaurants around my community that Inmost definitely go to often. When I have the power to change my community, Woodlawn, I would start organization to prevent crimes and murder, the organization would be based off unity and hope for a safer world.
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The neighborhood is looking much better then the past year, with the new addition of the new buildings and the Jewel Osco am proud to say am a Woodlawn Residence.
I've lived in Woodlawn all of my life. Growing up, I've experienced multiple occasions of gun violence, robberies, arson, and other crimes. The public schools here are okay; they're not the best but they're trying. As a kid in elementary school, our school never could afford books, lockers, nor supplies that could help us in the classroom. It was a very awful experience. The only good part about this neighborhood is Jackson Park which will be home to the Obama Library Center. Ultimately, this project will force the rent in the area to rise up and resident out of their homes because they can't afford it.
This community has really come a long way. Though I hope they preserve some of the more ethnic feels of the community, instead of totally gentrifying it, I have to say the value has increase.
Woodlawn is on the rise. I am a resident and investor in the community. Keep in my mind there are 4 quadrants (North east, South east, North West, South West) of the neighborhood. Bounded by stony island to the east, 60th street to the north, MLK drive to the west and 67th street to the south. Some quads are better than others, however the re-development process has started. With the new Jewels being constructed on the west side of 61st/Cottage along with newly constructed lofts on east side of 61st and 63rd/Cottage combined with recreational/commercial use the area will be one of the top desired communities to live in once all complete. Oh and lets not forget about the obama library which is scheduled to be complete by 2021. Home values are increasing and will soon double. The master plan of wood lawn has begun! Get in now before it's too late.
To me, my overall experience with the Woodlawn community in Chicago has been alright. I wish people would come closer together and me more of a family though.
I like the neighborhood is coming back after years of destitution. There's more buildings being built, close proximity to the University of Chicago gives the area a bit of class. Some crime does occur, that shouldn't be a factor in choosing a place to live where there's ample public transit.
The crime has gotten horrible. The summer is always bad in this area because a lot of people get shot.
The area is pretty bad. There is a lot of violence that takes place in the area. I always tend to stay in the house because of all the violence I really don't go outside as much as I used to.
There is a lot of police presence because there used to be a lot of shootings in my neighborhood. Occasionally there is a shooting however it is not as bad as it used to be.
I enjoy riding my bike to the park without worrying if I will make it home safe.
I feel that my community can easily start to come together for events and make our community better, but it all depends on what we decide to do.
I fear for my brothers life because of the gang activity and crime against black men in Chicago.
The neighborhood has no area for children to go because the crime rates are high, policemen are feared in our community, there is nothing been done about the appearance (garden, pot holes, and etc.). However, we have many schools and daycare's, and very nice centers for children.
I tend to leave when I go to college but I will come back for my family.
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Every night you hear the police and ambulance
If I had a chance to get away I would b/c this nothing let for me in. I want to make it so i can get my family away.
My area is okay its not the best neither its the worse. Its more older people that live around me witch makes my area very peaceful.