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I would like more parks with more apparatuses so that more kids could come out and play. Also most of our streets have not been redone in a long time so some more care put into the streets over here would be fantastic.
suburb of Los Angeles that has it's good and bad points It is expensive to live in this area. But there are wonderful parks and the beach is just a short drive away. The commute to DTLA is a killer most days and nights, but if you learn this town, you learn the side streets and quick ways to get around.
Woodland hills is a nice clean city. Lots of businesses and parks. There is some traffic. Some new construction happeningin the area which would make the housing more expensive. Not a bad drive to downtown Los Angeles.
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This area is very suburban. It is nicer than the other areas in the valley. There are a lot of great exercise studios around and great hiking areas. The restaurant selection is pretty good. The weather is great most of the year except during the summer it is hot, hot, hot!
Great neighborhood to live. Close to all major tourist attractions and easily accessible to freeway.
I have always been in the Woodland Hills area despite living in the city. I started going to an elementary school that is in the area and the same was for my middle school and high school. To me it felt like the ideal area to be in and where I would want to live when I got older. There is so much around Woodland Hills for groceries, schools, and entertainment like the mall. The people in this city are very nice and the area has a sort of communal feel to it. I have never witnessed any sort of discrimination take place and it makes me enjoy Woodland Hills even more, I don't think I could find something that I would want to change.
Everything you need you can find it at Woodland Hills. Theres a lot of jobs, schools but the cost of living is so expensive.
It's a very safe, quiet suburb in northwestern Los Angeles County. Very beautiful trees and nature, high socioeconomic population, not very racially diverse unfortunately, but a nice place to settle down and raise a family. Many high-quality restaurants and stores within a short distance, but public transportation is very lacking.
Woodland Hills is the perfect city to live in. We are one of the best cities in the valley. We have one of the biggest malls with a variety of stores; shoe stores, luxury brand stores, and a plethora of clothing stores. We are only 20 minutes from the beach only 15 minutes from Calabasas, where many of today's celebrities live, where the Kardashians live.
It's nice and clean. The area is safe and full of awesome plazas and shopping malls. It's become a very developed city.
Growing up in woodland hills was amazing! It was a very safe and friendly neighborhood. There are a million local restaurants and cool hole in the wall places to eat and shop. its a very diversified neighbor hood and you get to experience many types of cultures! The village was recently built and its adds such a cool element!! The mall is located right net to the village too!
I always feel very safe in Woodland Hills. The schools are good, and there are many shops and things you can do around town. The people are mostly very friendly and look out for one another.
I love the amount of places that are available to me such as restaurants and scenery, and the people here are nice as well. Great place to take walks on, and only 15 minutes from the beach!
Woodland Hills is safe, with, good schools, and great shopping. However, it is lacking a proper sense of community. I don't really know my neighbors . Our community identity is that of discontent, boredom, and a desire to go elsewhere. If this was a Jane Austen novel, Woodland Hills would be the exposition in the beginning of the book. When a child reaches the teenage years, the heroine would be at the point in her story in which she notices that something is missing. It is the moment in Pride and Prejudice, in which Elizabeth realizes that she actually likes Mr. Darcy, despite the fact that he is kind of a grump. That she was wrong in her earlier predilection for being alone. However, with further research, we may find that there is something in the water in middle class neighborhoods that makes its residents feel like they are always missing something.
Just three words, great, great, great!
I love Woodland Hills. It's near to freeway and easy access to everywhere. There are many great restaurants nearby. Woodland Hills is close to beautiful beaches like Malibu. The area is somehow crowded but I'm ok and it is kind of attractive and fun to me. It is in the middle of the San Fernando Valley and it is nice because I am less than 20 minutes away from most things. Public schools here are great. The commute time is decent. There are not a lot of clubs or entertainment in the neighborhood but are very close by and the driving time is minimal
So much variety of things to do from shopping to bowling and enjoying a stroll in the Village! The people are very amiable and approachable. This community is constantly growing and new buildings are constantly being built.
I reside in Woodland Hills, and it's a beautiful area to live in. Lots of beautiful homes. A small town feel.
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Woodland Hills is a quiet suburb, but still close to the bigger city amenities and culture. It is only 20 minutes to the beach, there are lots of ethnic food options, and provides an easy commute to several desirable college campuses.
I grew up in Woodland Hills and have always felt a great sense of safety and community. The culture here is diverse when it comes to the variety of activities as well as food options. I especially enjoy the topanga mall and the newly built village shopping mall.
It's a nice place to living and working. there isn't traffic and u can find everything near by you. there is a hospital near me and different type of restaurant and super market.