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It can definitely get a little shady, but the cops are very visible.
I love Richmond! It's a ton of fun to live in and there is a lot to do.
Richmond has a lot of chain stores but local stores are equally popular. There are a ton of local shops and they often out compete their corporate competitors. Richmonders are very "hipster" and they love to buy local and there are even districts dedicated to local shops such as Cary Town or certain parts of Broad Street.
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There are always a ton of options for jobs in the city. With so many restaurants, finding a job as a waiter is simple. The business district down town also offers a lot of jobs for anyone with professional degrees and since Richmond is a city, and the capitol of the State, there are a great deal of State jobs and municipal jobs available.
The major issue with Richmond weather is the variability. In the Winter, it can be 60 one day and 15 the next. In the Summer, its hot but its not so much the heat as the humidity. The humidity in the Summer is extreme.