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The crime in the area is worse than I had to deal with when I lived in NY.
If it was not for the cheaper rent, I would have relocated.
As a whole, not a lot happens in Jacksonville. You don't hear much in the news.
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Nothing ever happens here, it's so boring. I can't wait until I can leave.
I wouldn't choose to live here again.not enjoyable
The area of town isn't the best, especially compared to Orange Park, where I've also lived. There is a nice winn Dixie right down the street, but there aren't a lot of bigger company stores near by.
This area is very segregated. There are many houses that are either abandoned or very badly taken care of and then there are few places with very nicely taken care of homes.
The reaction time of the police/ fire station is pretty good. However, I don't know much about local representatives, state reps or governors because they are not very accessible.
The police are seen sometimes once you go out and drive around. Crimes do happen sometimes in neighboring areas, but I have never felt unsafe.
In this area, there is not a plethora of job opportunities but it is not extremely difficult to find a job. Many people here are self employed in house maintenance jobs, etc.
There are two or three small restaurants in my area. To get the better and bigger restaurants you have to drive 25 or more minutes from where I am located.
The local stores in my area are more mom-and-pops shops instead of big companies. However, few big companies are also here. These shops include a variety of stores, however, the quality is not the best.