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I have loved in Woodhaven for two years. It's friendly , quiet, safe, close to the beach (easy drive / bus) next to an amazing park. It's a real community. The J train is great and I get it home late at night and it's totally safe feeling. I really like how easy it is to get to Brooklyn and the LES but coming home to a peaceful neighbourhood and having space. The new farmers market is great too!
it is good, but it isnt the best. See in this neighbor hood everyone is kind but there is alot of crime.
What I enjoy most about living in Woodhaven is its diverse neighborhood and the train that runs by it. It is a very convenient location surrounded by shops, bakeries, brand names clothing stores, a library, public schools and Forest Park.
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I like the diversity and how I have a lot of variety of activities and restaurants to choose from. I also like that it's not as expensive to live in compared to other neighborhoods in Queens. I can commute to other boroughs easily as well either by car or public transportation and I am within walking distance to stores, banks, supermarket, and the subway.
Woodhaven is safe and quiet place to raise a family.To improve the community I feel there should be more events like fairs maybe a farmers market .
Woodhaven is the neighborhood I have lived in for 14 years. I cannot say anything bad has ever happened to me in this neighborhood but as a teenager I wish there was more options in terms of things to do around here. However the subway station is very close by so you can get anywhere pretty easily and conveniently.
For 13 years now Woodhaven has been my home. I grew up walking under the train tracks to school and soon enough taking the J train to my current high school. The community is great with annual street fairs, local school and the amazing food joints around. I hope to see my childhood community flourish with more ethnic diversity job availability.
I have lived in Woodhaven for almost my entire life and I have loved it. There may not be a lot of activities for young people downriver, but overall it is a good area to live in.
i like everything about woodhaven. lived here for 23 years and love the opportunities. it is a very friendly community, and safe for the most part. the commute here is very easy as well with the train and no traffic.
This is a family friendly neighborhood. It is diverse as well, I have been living here for more than 10 years. The local schools are also great.
I have been living in this neighborhood for over 6 years and I have so many fond memories growing up.
I love the cohesive community. Everyone knows everyone. There are a variety of stores in my neighborhood. There are nearby parks and even a library. My only complaint is that some people like to cause a raucous by blasting music. But other than that, Woodhaven is a clean, wonderful area to live in.
Woodhaven is an excellent, diverse community which is engulfed with forestry. This area will feel like a small quiet town in the suburbs while having access to all of the qualities of NYC.
It's a very diverse neighborhood and the people are friendly. It has your typical issues about any neighbourhood but it's still home.
I lived in Brooklyn for 20 years and I recently moved to Woodhaven. I have no complaints yet. I live close to public transportation and have everything I need around me. Convenient and calm would be the words I would use to describe this neighborhood.
I grew up in this neighborhood and I personally have seen this neighborhood get worse with time. It's become dangerous to be out in the evening and have heard reported and experienced many incidents that have happened like theft and vandalism. I wish there could be something that the community could do to bring more safety among the residents of the area so everyone could feel safer under their own roofs.
great neighborhood from your neighbors to store front owners. very safe and no need to worry about the house. commute isnt bad but might take a little bit longer due to transportation upgrades.
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I've only recently moved into Woodhaven a few months ago and most of the time I am away either in Manhattan or somewhere else in Queens. What I noticed was that there is not enough street lights in the street where I live in and it makes me feel unsafe to walk home at night. However, in Jamaica avenue where the nightlife is very much alive, it is interesting how there are a lot of businesses that can cater to the needs of the residents at all times.
I grew up here and i love it here. Over the years i do some changes and not for the better. There seems to be alot more people and more populated in this are which sounds good of course. But in reality, its become more dangerous and don't even get me started on the parking. I spend around 30 minutes daily looking for parking past 9pm. There are alot of pros about the area in general like everything being within walking distance. Overall, this is my home.
I've lived in this neighborhood for all 24 years of my life. It's a beautiful neighborhood with a huge park surrounding it (Forest Park). What I like most about my neighborhood is the accessibility to many types of public transportation, the shopping area, and the beach is only a 25 minute bus ride away.