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Some robberies, multiple hit and runs, and a few cases of vandalism/graffiti. Cops are 50/50 in terms of response, professionalism, etc. There have been many cases of cars that were not recently purchased yet still had dealer plates driving around in Glendale, and cops did nothing about them.
My overall experience was lackluster. The quality of the neighborhood slowly digressed, due to it's residents and the air quality. As I aged, I began to dislike my neighbors due to their lack of interest in picking up dog poop, the parties that were held until 2 in the morning with complete disregard to the consideration of it's surrounding neighbors, and the sound of an expensive sports car revving its engine and speeding around the corner every day to school because it was given as a gift to a reckless child. The majority of neighbors were rude. And I would only experience those years again if it were to ensure that I would have gone to the same high school.
The response to any crimes and potential "bad habits" are virtually none existent and even the few things that have occurred have been addressed immediately and the law enforcement and city take action to remedy things that need to be improved.
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I've lived in this area my whole life and I would not hesitate living her the rest of my life and most importantly raising a family here.
Glendale overall is pretty safe if you are young and vigilant, however there seems to have been an increase of petty crimes lately and occasionally people do get struck by oncoming vehicles.
Glendale is very beautiful, it has a lot of lovely homes and lush green vegetation. I love where I live and wouldn't want to leave for the world. I think Glendale will always be a closely knit community but may suffer from overpopulation. Other than that and the citizens having road rage it's beautiful!
Glendale is a very family friendly neighborhood which is absolutely ideal. I feel safe walking my dog no matter what time at night since everybody is friendly and kind. I would definitely choose to live in this neighborhood again--its perfect in LA to get away from fast paced city life without being too far from anything.
Despite fast drivers, Glendale is a family-oriented, safe city that is a lovely place to live in.
There is always an opportunity for everyone in their desired field.
You will find everything you need wherever you are. There is a store and place for everyone!