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Woodbridge was a great place to grow up in. I always felt extremely safe 24 hours out of the day. You could fall asleep on your front lawn and the worst that would happen to you is someone would have put a blanket on you. Being able to play with my neighbors growing up helped create that great community feel and made our street even closer. I would recommend Woodbridge as a place to raise a family and create meaningful and lifelong relationships as well.
Its a calm area, where people can live without any serious concerns, however without a personal vehicle its impossibel to live. Also the rent and the tax is quite high, which makes it even harder for a student.
Irvine is notorious for symmetry and community associations. Housing here is phenomenal and everything is well-kept and organized. If you are looking to spice up your house and change the floor plan or have yard work done, be ready to carefully read over what your association requires and will or will not accept. If your house does not flow with the design of neighboring houses, the community association will force you to change it.

Because so many people in the area are wealthy, Irvine housing is top-notch with nice paved driveways, 2 car garages, and more.
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Irvine was named the 3rd safest city in the US within the last 3 years. As you can tell, there is very little to worry about when it comes to crime in the area. People here are very precautions and you see police patrolling almost every 5 minutes you drive within Irvine. It is almost annoying how often you see police.
The sense of community in the local area is strong. People are friendly and welcoming, but typically do not go out of their way to be a great neighbor. Parents are very involved in their children and schooling along with current events and politics.
Southern California weather is unbeatable, with the exception of Hawaii. It is sunny year-round with the occasional brief visit of rain clouds. Citizens in the area do not have to worry about thunderstorms, hurricanes, landslides, tornadoes, floods, or blizzards. There are earthquakes along active faults, but up to the present day, Irvine has not been significantly affected by earthquakes (knock on wood!).
When specifically referring to Irvine's night life, bland is probably the most accurate definition anyone in the area would give. Irvine is typically a safe, laid-back place where families enjoy peace and quiet. The neighboring city of Newport has a much more active night-life with bars that are open till 1:00am near the beach.

As far as food quality and variety goes, Irvine is great! There is a huge supply of varying cultures in the area that are reflected in restaurants and grocery stores. There are asian markets, mediterranean restaurants, Mexican foods, and an abundance of different flavors and festivals in the area.
Being in the growing city of Irvine, there are various jobs available to the public (generally, the college educated public). The opportunities associated with acquiring one of these jobs is fantastic and rewarding. However, competition for receiving high-paying jobs that demand superior-quality work ethics and standards is extremely high. Irvine is a great area that I am blessed to live in; my father works very hard to keep this roof over our heads and I know it is not easy to always make ends meet with such expensive rent each month. That being said, careers established in Irvine are typically higher paying to accommodate for the standard of living in this area. Applicants with a slight chance of getting a career in this area, undoubtedly, pounce on the opportunity to apply and interview.

Typical jobs in the area are 9-5 desk jobs for huge corporations, business owners, doctors, and more.
Irvine is constantly expanding as a city. Most businesses in Irvine are big name corporations and franchise locations that seek to deliver a welcoming environment and provide excellence service to consumers. I will say a good majority of businesses succeed in doing so, while others do not quite provide superior service. There are very few mom-and-pop shops in the area so whenever I see or visit one, it is somewhat special and different (not to say there are not any of these shops within neighboring areas within Orange County).
There are alot of bike and walking trails around the whole city. Also lots of public parks that are in great condition
The city is ranked as one of the safest cities in the United States of America
It is spring all year long. And there is no humidity.
My neighborhood is upper middle class a lot of parents have good careers
Live in a conservative town
It is one of the most safest areas in the Unites States.
The area where I live are mostly apartment homes, but they all look nice.
Most people are friendly, but people usually don't have close relationships to their neighbors.
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It is way too dry and there was barely any rain for months. Although, it is California there needs to be more rain.
I barely eat out so I can't say much about it, but it is a quiet area for families so there are not too many restaurants.
I can't say much about it since I am a student, but from what I heard it's pretty good