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For a start, you dont see people outside jogging in the neighborhood, or riding bikes as a way to exercise. There is a missing part of a heathly life here with little to no fitness in this area. There has been two workout facilities that have opened up that I know of. There are no bike/ jogging trails, high quality hospitals, organic food stores (there is like one in Greenhaven that is expensive), or community places that help people with their health and fitness.
There are houses in this area that are low income homes. They are not that big and lawns are often dead or not kept well. Very little abandoned homes. The best areas are to the west where Greenhaven is, that is the (rich) area where there are large homes, pools, bike trails, more quality stores, and a safer community. We dont have any of that here.
There are always sirens everyday, well i can at least hear one a day. I can take note of a crime a day like seeing a drugs on public transportation, robbery, things you see in a low income neighborhood.
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South Sacramento is in a risk area for flooding however i have not experienced a flooding of high quality. There are some floods on the streets when rain is severe. Right now in 2015 we are in a drought. We cannot water our lawns on certian days and on the days we can, it has to be minnimal. Also when i leave to go camping and I am returning to Sacramento, I see the sky above the city in smog. You can see it dark with smoke from the city. The air quality surley is different and far from the freshness of the mountians
Only food places there are hear are fast food chains. If my family and I want to go yo a quality resturant we have to go to Elk Grove or Downtown Sacramento Area.
One local store is a mexican grocery store named "Mi Rancho" which always has the products my family needs. They have decent, sometimes high, prices however it is near my home and is worth buying there than driving farther for another store.