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I live in Woodbine, specifically Radnor. We moved out to the suburbs about a year ago and didn't care for it, so we have moved back to the area. For where we work and hang out, the location is awesome. I also believe a home here is a good investment. Every part of town has its rough spots, there was crime even in the suburbs. Know your neighbors. Use common sense. Move to woodbine. The location can't be beat.
I've lived in Woodbine for two years and will be sad when it's time to move out. A quiet, residential neighborhood, Woodbine is close to downtown Nashville but a bit secluded. Sidewalks would definitely improve the neighborhood, allowing a safer environment for the children and families who call this area home.
Things are really bad and things happen everyday but nobody says anything because they are too afraid.
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I've been living here for years. Some years are better than others but overall this area just needs a lot of improvement.
Need to make the roads better and improve upon traffic