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Crime in this area is bad. Their are shootings, robberies, and abductions on a month to month bases. There is so much yellow and black "Do not cross" tape hanging on poles or properties, and there is a lot of random memorials, pictures, stuffed animals, for the lost souls, that was taken by hit and runs or gun violence. It is devastating to see the disunity of a group of individuals in a neighborhood. On the other hand, the police are visible, but there is an overwhelming amount of violence that has to be impossible to attend to all that is going on in each area. My concern is that there will never be true peace in this area of historic Germantown.
Historic Germantown is a beautiful and scenic place to live. However, crime in this neighborhood is at its record high. I wish all the violent people could put their anger away, or control it in a better manner, so other people wouldn't get hurt during their act of violence. On the other hand this area has some great things besides its scenic areas: there is historic attractions, jobs are being created, due to the amount of small businesses opening, and the quality of schools are being upgraded; which is a plus!
Alot of uncomfortability from different cultures but they always are welcoming
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