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its for the most part a very quiet neighborhood and the park is a good place to take your kids to play.
I moved here 5 years ago from Port Richmond. The area is improving every day. New homeowners moving in, really close to public transportation, Parks and major roads, more home for your buck. Diverse area, with a real chance to build up the area.
Neither the best nor the worst. I would like to see more community involvement. I would like to see some action taken against the drug dealing, pushing and addicts.
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I have lived in this neighborhood since I was born and it has changed drastically. Living close to Bridge and Pratt where the Frankford Transportation Center is located is a blessing and a curse. It is a center of violence and litter that spreads throughout the neighborhood from this center. However, being so close to public transportation is an easy and affordable way to get to Center City for work. Do not walk around by yourself at night.
Its a quite place to live and all you need is near or accesible.
There's rarely a crime and recently in the last month's there have been no crimes my neighborhood that have been heard of.
I would definitely comntinue to live in my neighborhood. It's a gray overall enviornment and great neighbors.
This area is really always alive, there's perfect lighting on each corner expect for really dark long pathways. Besides that, as far as the housing there is no vandalism at all.
This are is fairly okay, there's many places to order food from. Also the train and bus station is near by.
The area is great, I lived here for many years. Though every now and then there are nuisances, the area is wonderful.
There aren't much jobs that are willing to hire with good pay. I feel like its impossible to get a job without knowing someone.
The people who work in different businesses are nice and greeting to everyone.
Most houses are poor living conditions, lawns aren't cut, paint is pealing and there is garbage on the streets. There are ally ways to park in but the driveway is too small and narrow, plus its illegal too park out back. Additionally, hopes re too small, and too close to have privacy and comfortable living.
People have the ability to eat healthy and exercise in my neighborhood, however with crime many people don't run or bike outside. Additionally, not everyone can afford gym membership and fast food prices are cheaper than healthy food stores, so people buy and do what is cheaper.
Honestly, Philadelphia has a lot of crime, from grocery store robberies, to stabbing and police shootings. It's almost ironic living in the city of brotherly love, where there is so much crime on the streets.
The weather is constantly changing in Philadelphia, its warm, cold, chilly, hot, etc. it changes as the seasons do. I love it because change is good, its different, it keeps me excited.
People are in poverty, the middle class are the working class, which is the struggling class. People are working to survive, rather than have a living.
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The restaurants around my neighborhood are decent, however, there are too many fast food places, which cause health problems and space consumption.
Local Buisness in my neighborhood are okay, still running, but as a community, we need more of them to keep functioning.
Cops are abusive and don't respond sometimes to calls.