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Neighbors make sure nothing is going on in any home.
Everyone is very friendly and caring.
We need more affordable housing for the homeless.
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We have a strong community
Of course crime can always be better but I feel safe generally.
I see growth and hopefully better schools soon.
Everyone is friendly and its a great family atmosphere
Nature is easily accessible. Yellowstone is a few hours drive, the Snake River is close, Lucky Peak isn't very far, we have great national forests that are stunning.
We have busses that come around every so often. Not often enough though. Often times, very few people really ride them.
Often times, simply driving down the road you can see a police officer. They are good at responding.
There are next to no abandoned properties in my area. Many people prefer to live in the same houses for many years before they ever consider moving away.
The weather here is great. Sometimes it is super sunny, then in 10 minutes you could have hail, rain, and snow within those minutes. It is usually fairly warm, dry weather. The winter gets some snow that stays and turns to ice for a week or more. In the winter it can get to -5 degrees fahrenheit to 115 in the summer.
Some popular restaurants near by are Olive Garden, Texas Road House, PF Changs, On the Boarder, Red Lobster, Buffalo Wild Wings, Red Robin, and various other restaurants. Many favorite dishes are usually steak and burgers. I am not a good informant on the bar/nightlife being a recent 18 year old and alcohol minor.
Very often people can easily find a job. Many of them might not have the best qualifications, but if they really tried they could get a job. We have a rather small number of unemployed and homeless people that walk the streets.
Many time anything we need in our neighborhood it is easy to get to a store that carries what we are looking for. It is occasionally hard to find something really specific on occasion, but generally if you ask for help, the workers are super friendly and will help you find what you are looking for or tell you which store does or should carry it.
Anything we need is close by, or within 15 min from this area.
The homes were built in later time periods, so some are not as great as others, and some lawns are not taken care of, but overall the neighborhood is neat and friendly.
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The weather here is unpredictable, but never too bad or dangerous. We experience all 4 seasons, and each is moderate and bearable.
We have plenty of restaurants around this area, and downtown in quite close as well.
We have a diverse selection of stores and restaurants mostly locally owned