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Winnetka is a family friendly neighborhood. I have lived in this city for the past 3 years and had an overall good experience with the residents of Winnetka.
There is too many drug dealers and panhandlers. The rent here is too high for the place that has so many drug dealers and panhandlers. There is help wanted signs but they don't hire.
This is not the safest area ever. Not in terms of violence, as far as I'm concerned, but in terms of drug usage in the overwhelming homeless population that stay near certain complexes (at least on my street). Family is not all that comfortable with me walking around by myself even if it's just down the street.
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It's a very nice and safe neighborhood with good schools and everything you could need like hospitals and markets within a reasonable driving distance.
Winnetka is very nice to live in. The atmosphere of this particular environment is usually calm and soothing, and is relatively safe for the most part. There are many public schools within this area, and is friendly to all age groups. This area is not expensive to live in, and the traffic is not even near as intensive as the traffic in cities such as Los Angeles. My only real complaint about this area is the lack of job opportunities; very few job opportunities are open at a time in this area, which may make some individuals have a hard time settling in/being accustomed to the lifestyle needed to live in this area.
THe majority of the neigborhood consists of a mixture of housing and apartments with a diverse ethnic composition. The diversity lends a unique feeling to the location and the activity represents a difference in the creation of a healthy living environment.
Not the best area but is still close enough to amenities and necessities. Wouldn't choose to live here my whole life, but not a terrible experience.
Winnetka is a city, found in Los Angeles county, in the state of California. i have been in this city for three years and my experience wows me especially connecting with people, work and school. Metro buses are usually on time unless otherwise, I have seen less than five major accidents, but truly speaking, drivers here are more careful than those I have noticed around Van nuys. However, job opportunities are not available. A studio apartment is approximately $1,200 a month.
I grew up here and I thought it was a safe city when I was a child.I think 2 years ago a burglar came into my house and took some elotrconic devices that my sister used.They took some of our jewelry as tried to take one of your TVs but failed too because they heard my mom unlock the door .Ive never thought something like this would happen but we made sure to lock our doors good
I've lived here my whole life. When I was younger, this area was perfect in my eyes. Now that I'm older I start to see that this place isn't as I've always seen. I see the homelessness on the streets, the unwanted trash everywhere, and the frequent crimes. It's happened to my own family. My dad's small white pickup truck was taken from us overnight. The truck containing all of my dad's construction tools that he's spent most of his life working for. The truck that drove him to and from work everyday and therefore provided for our family. I've learned to be careful when going out even in the day because the crazy lady on the street might harm me. And that the men riding bikes out on the street at night were searching for victims. This area isn't the best, but it's not the worst. There are places that are worse, but we need change. Schools need more care and attention. Action towards the crime in the area are needed to minimize it. Streets could be cleaner. I hope to see some changes.
The neighborhood in Winnetka is quiet and the people here are very nice. The atmosphere here makes it a great place to live, raise children, and many places nearby to get many necessities such as: grocery store, schools, churches and etc.
This city is the most diverse city in the San Fernando Valley. It is full of people from all over the world and it's great to see different cultures and colors on the streets of this city.
This is great. There is a lot of growth in this area, turning it into its own city. There is also plenty to do here. With the beach and Downtown both in less than an hour drive it is a great suburb with many offerings.