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Winnetka Heights Reviews

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there really ain no places to go swiming or to go fishing, we need to go somewhere else because there is no water entertainement in there.
thhere is nothing interesting to do every day, we can justo go and play ouy. sometimes there be alot of police cars for our safety. people think it can make it better but i am not sure on what can happen, if these can help or make it worst.
all my neighboirs are interesting they might not have alot of money but they do have morals. most of the people are very friendly and they like to coexist to one another. i think this area is the best to live in because of its people, and tourism.
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employers would make us work but they wont pay us enough and they will give you less than 20 hours per week.
well since police is very active on this area , there are no robbery or sexual assaults. its very calm and safety here.
well my area is very nice, it has restaurants with fantastic food, stores with excellent deals all the time. parks, gyms, and gasoline stations. I can get whatever I need here.