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Beautiful neighborhood with historic multi-family homes and restaurants. Easy access to Prospect Park, public transportation and dog parks. It's just outside the hustle and bustle of Park Slope. There is a couple cute strips of commerce within the neighborhood. Grocery stores are not ample here but quiet family-oriented, dog-friendly vibe might be worth it.
Love this neighborhood, from all of the closeness it fosters to the way the leaves change colour in the autumn. Has a more suburban feel with the convenience of living in the city.
it is very safe and friendly area
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The biggest accessible park in my neighborhood is Prospect Park, which is the most that you'll find here.
I've always felt extremely safe in my neighborhood. I never have to worry about crimes happening while i'm outside.
The cost of housing in my neighborhood is continuously increasing. The houses are nice and well kept.
The weather in my neighborhood is mostly normal. As the seasons change, there are mostly only temperature changes.
There aren't many places in my neighborhood to have a nice night out. Very few bars and no clubs at all.
Although mostly everyone in my neighborhood has a stable job, there aren't many job opportunities besides deli's and restaurants.
There are a variety of stores in my neighborhood, but it would definitely be helpful if there were more instead of having to go to other neighborhoods.
As this is NYC it's the best place to be searching for work.
Everything you can need, want or desire is within walking distance.
Nothing you need is far away.
im close to prospect park so theres a lot to see and do there
i always feel safe in this neighborhood its really good
theres really only 2 bars in this neighborhood and its nothing special. not too mary food options either. no real nightlife
its not bad its a lot of delis and small shops not too diverse
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There are a few parks here and there, but mostly its a concrete jungle.
Plenty of options across the board from across the world.
Most people are easy going and welcoming.