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Windsor Park Reviews

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The police are visible, however I don't have much experience with them so I don't know how quickly their responses are. But they do be speeding in the streets.
It's a melting pot of poverty.
Honestly, Charlotte's one of the most liveliest place to have fun, yet also the perfect place to sit back and relax.
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Overall, this area has been mostly safe althought there have been some safety issues. It's a quiet area and pretty likeable.
I love going to the park down the street on central.
My neighbors and I try our best to keep our homes unique and clean.
Charlotte weather can be super bipolar sometimes concerning its temperature however, it's definitely something I prefer and can withstand.
Night life is awesome in Charlotte
The local businesses are very welcoming and friendly.
Employment is so discriminating, $11 an hour with a bachelors degree? Get real!!!
uptown area is pretty nice. the harsh realities are on the outskirts where I live.
This neighborhood has convinced me that this State no longer has anything to offer and it's past time to change my scenery.
Parents do no watch children which causes them to wander in the middle of the street. Numerous drug dealers, but the cops are ALWAYS here!
Cops are around, but not attentive.
There is a cop on every street...but gas stations still get robbed.
They don't care about our health, if they did ceilings wouldn't be caving in. They don't care about our fitness, all the machines are broken and the pool closes when they leave at 5.