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Windsor Park Reviews

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It could definitely be better, especially on the East Side.
I like where I live, I wish I could find a better paying job. I like the neighborhood.
I've never felt incredibly unsafe but I still would not be walking around alone at night.
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There are a lot of new additions to the recent nearby development.
The area has improved since Mueller was brought up.
The apartment complex is a great community and very pet friendly, once you leave it though there is no real sense of community in the neighborhood.
Generally a poor area of Austin, unless you go a little further back so not many people have easy access to the resources needed for good overall health.
The gentrification of the neighborhood is raising prices and homes are getting torn down and rebuilt in the neighborhood to make it more "white people friendly".
It's definitely not the safest area in Austin. As a female, I worried about going out by myself after dark and we saw a lot of cop cars at our apartment complex. During the day it seemed fine though.