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Windsor Hills Reviews

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Everyone responds quickly and in a good time manner.
There are always people supervising, it's a high police watch area making the area safer.
It's not the best area but not the worst either. I'm used to living in this area, it's quiet for the most part.
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If you love hot weather this is the place to be. Summers are hot and winters are not the coldest, it's just perfect.
If you are hungry late at night there are usually fast food restaurants opened. There are also multiple taco stands if wanting to eat tacos, tortas, quesadillas, etc.
The employment in the area is not the best, a lot of people would much rather have a much stable job then the one they have now.
There are convenient stores in every corner and gas is easy to access. The grocery store is not far away, but La Mexicana is a restaurant and grocery store with lot's of resources.