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Great schools! A perfect town for families with a new library coming, countless parks, and diverse events. A very secure neighborhood.
I wouldn't say this area is bad, but it does borderline between a bad area and a good, so you kind of get both ends of the spectrum. Everyone that lives in the complex seems good and I haven't seen police in the actual complex at all, but I do hear sirens all the time and almost always see something involving police when I am driving around the area.
I just recently moved into this apartment complex, and as I am pleased with my actual apartment and the environment of the complex, I don't think I will be re-signing my lease after the 12 months are up. I am looking for something a little more high quality and closer to my job.
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We are next to a police station so hear sirens frequently.
This is an area close to Aurora. It is a low-income neighborhood.
The people are welcoming and friendly. The city is the cleanest metro area I've lived in.