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The services in this area are slightly above average for a city. I personally don't support some of the decisions the MN politicians have mad for the state but at the same time they are trying to do what they believe is best for Minnesota.
I always see people running biking and walking. It's the norm for people to excercise and buy healthy foods especially organic. There are quite a few urgent cares in the NE area and HCMC is located right in downtown which is less than a 10 minute drive from the heart of NE Minneapolis.
There are an abundant number of parks in Minneapolis all within a few miles of each other. There are also great walking and biking paths through out the city that go through various wooded areas. The city itself is exceptionally clean and never have to worry about pollution or litter.
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NE Minneapolis is a very safe are. Personally I live only a few blocks from the police station therefore I see police cars on the daily. The neighborhood watch is very well know in my neighborhood and talk with all the neighbors fairly regularly. I feel very safe and love that about NE.
Houses are typically built close together however the lots are rectangular allowing for people to have a nice size yard. The large majority of homes are well maintained with a manicured front lawn. There is also a very low percentage of abandoned homes in NE Minneapolis.
A common item found in Twin Cities wardrobes is a pair of spandex. People run and bike year round and it's perfect for both activities. The weather is typically nice, the sun never seems to stop shining and there are rarely any natural disasters or bad storms.
NE Minneapolis is filled with a variety of restaurant options ranging from Equadorian, Thai, Cuban, to American classics like hotdogs and burgers. If you want good food NE Minneapolis is the place to go.
The job outlook in the Twin Cities is bright and looking even better for job seekers in the coming years. Major cooperations are looking for qualified college graduates with solid skill sets who will replace retiring baby boomers.
There is a large variety in popular stores. These stores range from large companies to independently owned stores and are extremly accessible thanks to their locations and public transportation.
There definitely isn't much crime in NE MPLS in relation to other areas of the city or other major cities in general
There are employment opportunities for most but some fields are definitely more promising
The 10,000 lakes in Minnesota are very clear in Minneapolis (The City of Lakes). Plus there are many parks that showcase this beauty
There is so much variety available in Minneapolis cuisine. It's a great place to live and explore as a foodie.