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Central lcoation, easy commute to major areas in LA (DTLA, Larchmont Village, Ktown, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Beverly Hills). Great diversity and variety in food choices.
There isnt much of a change between seasons around here
I live near downtown santa ana and there seems to be a lot of nightlife. however i am not allowed to go to them so i would not know
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I like that there is a variety from mainstream stores to mom and pa stores. there is really something for everyone
The housing around the area of Santa Ana is comforting and secure. For the most part homes and apartments are found and kept in decent condition. There is not a lot of prevalence of vacant or abandoned properties, but if there is it tends to be property previously owned by minor companies. The vacant or abandoned properties don't last because other companies come in and take possession or establish there businesses there. The cost of housing is affordable because no one is in a constant struggle of loosing there home due to the cost being too high. The whole area is affordable to reside in, except for areas in which there are gangs found. However, the gang activity does not make a big impact on the people in the neighborhood. However, the gangs tend to put graffiti on the walls of buildings, but the city tends to come and get rid of them once they are reported.
This area gives the sense of a safe community. Crimes have never been prevalent in this area, but in a time of need the police seem to arrive just in time to check things out and keep the community safe. The area also seems to give a sense of family because neighbors are friends to one another and keep a look out for each other. Also, you can always have the reassurance that in a time of crisis someone will call the police and they will arrive if a crime is taking place. The only great concern that i have for community is the growing of gangs. The gangs around the neighborhood have not caused any mischief, but you can never be to safe. Overall the community is a safe place to be and feels welcoming.
My area is located in southern California where the the weather tends to be beautiful most of the time. The weather doesn't affect my life greatly, mainly on decided whether to wear a sweater or sun screen lotion on a hot summer day. During the winter the weather is usually at a low of 65 degree's so it is not ridiculously cold, but it is cold enough that you have to bundle up and keep warm which a couple of sweaters or jackets. Over the fall it is fairly chili, on the other hand during the summer we have had highes reaching up to 102 degrees. Since, this area is relativelty close to the beach during the summer time is when the bathing suits come out of the closet. The summers are when there is a higher chance of earthquakes which are on e of the most frequent natural disasters to affect this area. During the spring things seem to cool down and are approximitly at a high of 70 degrees.
Due to the majority of the population being hispanic in this area the majority of the favorite dishes consist of tradition Mexican favorites. There is in increase in Mexican restaurants that serve tacos, enchiladas, tortas, etc. which are in high demand by the population. When it comes to possible nearby restaurants there is a high variety of options to choose from. They are not restricted to one serving one type of plate only, on the contrary there is always a variety of options on the menu.
Currently due to the economy recovering from the current economic drop the employment in this area has been greatly affected like other communities. The area is mostly constructed of people working in big food companies like McDonalds or KFC so these people tend to earn the minimum amount at there jobs which leads toward one job not being enough to maintain the family. Due to such high employment demand people are resulting in working not one, but up to three jobs to make a living. Many women have lost there jobs and have resulted to become stay at home moms or work from the household.
The local business area that can found the most appealing to the eye are usually constructed of popular business stores like Target or Kohl's because these businesses are usually the ones with the most available resources.There is a great variety in stores, which tend to have the essentials that the community needs. Everything is accesible to the community due to the variety of buisness from grocery stores to big companies.