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This is a very nice place to visit explore with your loved ones. I enjoy the night life but here you can do everything with everyone. I go here with my co workers on break we enjoy the people
The crime in Santa Monica is almost nonexistent. I rarely see anyone doing anything wrong. No needles on the street or public drug users. The worst thing I saw someone do was steal a pie from Whole Foods. I definitely hate the parking enforcement though they suck horribly. Other than that SM is awesome.
Santa Monica is an amazing place to live. The people are incredibly smart and diverse. It's not nearly as expensive as other world-class areas like Manhattan and San Francisco. Overall I would live here for the foreseeable future. I wish there were even more businesses based here but LA is not a financial center like SF or NYC so I get it.
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Rarely any crime. Safe area. Rundown
Great location if you're facing the beach, but ugly apartments surrounding area
from what one can see there is very little crime that takes place in this area. i feel very safe going out alone and at night. the police when needed are very fast, responsive and helpful.
Santa Monica is a great place to not only live as a student, but an even better place to raise a family. Santa Monica is a beach community and the people are all so nice and welcoming. I can't imagine growing up or iving in another place and would highly recommend the area to all those who ask.
Fortunate to live here because of amazing city services (fantastic libraries, city beach club, best community college, superb public schools, thoughtful about transportation with light rail arriving soon), perfect climate, "Los Angeles at the beach", thoughtful about the environment--with the exception of over-building, and too many tourists!
Everyone is super fit around here. It's all about organic foods.
I don't think you can really get much better than this.
It is pretty safe in my neighborhood. I have not witnessed any crime.
Most of the time it's really good but once in a while it can get bad with draught and rain.
It's the normal tourist-y bar seen. There are better places to get great deals on drinks and food.
Unfortunately when you work for a university a lot of the supervisors take advantage of you.
The local businesses are for the most part pretty good. Because it is a tourist area some business do the bare minimum.
Except for a shooting near the college a while ago, there's almost no crime.
Local business are encouraged but due to high rent cost, but stores tend to be small