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Primarily Hispanic. Majority of the area is unsafe especially at night or is poorly taken care of by city of LA. Homeless population is starting to accumulate in certain areas.
My whole life I spent in the city of wilmington most of my education was done in the city of wilmington.
Wilmington has been my home for over 20 years. Although this city has a history of gang violence and other criminal activity it has given its people the opportunity to better the streets and children of Wilmington. I have seen it envolve into the home I call today. I have participated and volunteered in events led by I Heart Wilmington in which we have created opportunities for families to rejoice and celebrate. Whether it be an art walk that Wilmington regularly has where artists come together and share their creations or hosting a fiesta at Banning Park offering free food and activities to all. Wilmington has given me an opportunity to pursue a college education where I attended Los Angeles Harbor College and received my AA degree and the opportunity to transfer to Cal State Northridge this Fall.
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Lived here almost my whole life. Such a great community, so much potential to become better. Wilmington can seem small but it is not, it's part of the L.A. Port and home to many workers of the port. The community has strengthen for a brighter future for our next generation.
I have lived in Wilmington my whole life. I used to live on Wilmington Blvd. There was often a police car outside my apartment building and the sidewalks were always dusty and dirty. I currently live near St Peter and Paul. It is a lot peaceful and calm.
I live in the border of Wilmington and Carson City. This neighborhood has been quiet and diverse. Driving around the streets, I find stores and restaurants with assortment of culture; majorly Asian and Mexican.
Wilmington is a very nice neighborhood with great people from my experience. But it is not the nicest or friendliest neighborhood to newcomers. This neighbor hood is a place in which one would drive through to get to their destination.
Nice little Neighborhood, I Heart Wilmington and other organizations have been working to improve Wilmington in many ways.
Wilmington is a beautiful city in the South Bay but has many cons. The constant rate of crime makes the city unsafe. Wilmington is bombarded by refineries and pollution due to having the worlds largest sea ports; the Port of Los Angeles and neighboring the Port of Long Beach.
I love Wilmington, I have lived here all my life. We do need to get rid of the refineries. We breathe in polluted air every single day because of these refineries.
What I like about Wilmington is that it's always been home so even though a lot of kind of scary things happen around the neighborhood it is home. Neighbors are friendly and there is a lot of stores at walking distance from most homes. A lot of my family lives around the area so it's nice when we run into them from time to time. The only think I want there to change about Wilmington is how unsafe it feels sometimes.
Around where I live, there's a police station nearby and the local park is very nice and well kept as well. Currently going under renovation, but the park has gym equipment as well as a mini skate park. Very safe, the park has blue police poles that can get you help in a matter of minutes... So Wilmington is very beautiful, and pretty close to Long Beach. The only problem is maybe the crime.. I don't leave my house very often as I am quite reserved but sometimes there are police sirens going off in the middle of the night at a liquor or a few blocks away.. The police are always very strict around here, perhaps because there are many truck companies and they are assuring everyone's safety.
I lived here most of my life and I really love the small City by the named of Wilmington. It's such a comforting city, you can literally find almost anything in Wilmington. We have some speacial businesses that are very much supported by the community. Our community is involved in a lot of activities, entertainment and safety.
Its a great place to leave, nice calm neighborhood. Convenient place to live if you are interesting in pursuing a career in nursing, nearby college campus has a great nursing program
I moved to Wilmington over 10 years ago and I have seen quite a few things in that time span. There isn't much in this city but there is a lot. It is a very homely and family oriented and very average. There are eateries with all kinds of food cultures (Hispanic, Asian, American, etc...), clothing stores, food trucks, donut shops and anything else you could think of. The city is brooding with culture, history and plenty of spirit but its lacking something, excitement. There are a few chain restaurants, convenience stores and the like but there is no entertainment at all. No movie theaters, hangout spots, updated shopping centers, nothing. If this city had just a couple of these it would really improve the overall mood of the city and give the residents something to do on those hot summer nights. Overall, it's a very nice city but the lack of fundamental family sources is really keeping this city at a stand still.
I've lived in Wilmington, CA for 17 years and although it quite a small town where a lot of minorities live, Wilmington is a very rich place with history. For the last couple of years, the community has been working very hard to make improvements, from getting citizens more involved with the community by building organic gardens in parks, to hosting the Wilmington Art Walk Event and building the Waterfront Recreational Park. However, it is time Wilmington gets more attention and gets the well-deserved clean air its people needs. The oil companies need to be more concern about the health of the town citizens.
Wilmington is a very cultural hispanic community. They are proud people and are very diverse, open hearted and welcoming .
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Most folks are really kind and care about the community. People are always gathering together for events and support one another. I'd like to change how there's a lot of trash around and violence.
I been living in Wilmington for at least 10 years I seen it change to what it is today. Growing up Wilmington wasn't the most safest place. But, now it changing to be a better place. I see how the community come together as a family which I didn't see before.
Overall I love where I live . Sometimes we have moments where being outside is not safe but that is not just in wilmington , that's everywhere .