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Great shopping area, and close proximity to major highways. Crime has gone up some but the neighborhood is still a small escape from the fast pace city.
I lived in really nice apartments in this area in which I felt safe and easily accessed nearby shopping and school. The nearby stores and gyms were known to get frequent vehicle break-ins.
Has unfortunately become extremely congested as well as increased crime both theft and violent, surges of vagrants and panhandlers. I drive a bit further now without complaint.
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I have lived in the area for around 4 years now. Love how the schools are in close proximity to home; no more than a 5 minute drive. The movies, mall, and places to eat are also extremely close and the neighborhood are very family orientated. I would say the one down side to living out here is the commute, especially if you are going into downtown area. On a good day with good traffic, the drive is around 35-40 minutes. However, if you are leaving during traffic hour, expect to be sitting in your car for at least an hour.
I had a bad experience because of the apartments we lived in. Champions Woods apartments are not family friendly or resident friendly. The businesses in the area don't have very good management.
Nice and quiet neighborhood the iffice staff is friendly. The maintenance crew is courteous and get the orders completed quickly throughout each day.
My family and I have lived in this area for almost 2yrs now. This is our first home since we have moved from California. This area is really good for the young crowd like myself. There's plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy and a mall less than a mile away. We have a hospital in a one mile radius and a lot of grocery stores as well. Even though this is a great neighborhood to be in, crime is still present. We have heard of numerous thefts taking place in the last few months and that's only our apartment building. Who knows what other crimes have happened in the subdivision close by. Everyday there's a fear in our mind that what if our house is next to be robbed.
I dont know of any crimes
Local buses are well kept and there are easy to access.
Most of the area here is rural so nature is bare seen.
In the apartment in where I dwell, the are appears to be well controlled.
Part from the rain, is a normal area witch a normal weather.
Great choices to pick from.
Since quite a few of Retailer are located close by, the job opportunities are broad.
Live Close to the Mall of the Area, so pretty much the area is well developed.
There are very few accidents people in cars are very safe and they are polite to pedestrians
There are great opportunities for work in this area
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The restaurants in this area are so nice there are many varieties of food
There are plenty of local gyms in my area i love that they are so close
The area i live in is very nice and well kept it is very nice to have such a clean area to live in