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Willow Meadows / Willowbend Area Reviews

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An amazing community where everyone looks out for each other! Although the area was damaged badly in Hurricane Harvey, it is constantly in a state of building and improving. Very family friendly, with good private and public schools, churches and synagogues. Lots of parks and green spaces. But it's also very close to the Houston Medical Center and Downtown, and easily accessible to all directions by the nearby 610 highway. Overall, I love living here!
It's a huge city, so there's not as much to do outdoors with nature as you might find in a more rural area, but if you're willing to drive a bit you can find nature-related activities to do.
Most of the housing in this area is from the 1950s era, so the houses aren't huge or anything, but most of them are well-kept and in good condition. There is also plenty of yard space, and houses have driveways, though not all of them have sidewalks in front of them.
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I live in a safe neighborhood, and I haven't really heard about anyone having problems or about crime there. However, I think we may be near some worse neighborhoods, so you have to look out for where you are and make sure you don't end up in any of those dangerous areas.
I like the heat, so I like Houston weather. It can be humid here, because we're so close to the coast, but I like that it doesn't get too cold during the winter. Sometimes we have to worry about hurricanes during hurrican season, but it's not an annual occurrence.
We have a lot of options for food and drink, from a variety of cultures because Houston is such a diverse city. However, I don't think we have as many unique options as would, say, Austin or Dallas.
Houston is a booming city, with a lot of great opportunities for young professionals. I don't think the job market crash hit us as hard as it did many other areas in the country.
I can get everything I need in this area, it's very convenient because we're so close to the Loop and are only 10-15 minutes from downtown. There are a lot of places to eat that are easily accessible, as is the Galleria and many boutique shops in that area and Meyerland Plaza with a lot of more popular stores.
The weather is constantly humid, no matter what the temperature.
There are quite a few local businesses in the area. However, none of them stand-out.
Hospitals are several. There are lots of gyms. Hermann park as well.
There is a good amount of police in the area, though it is still considered unsafe at night and certain areas.
Houston is a great city. There's tons to do. There's lots of museums,restaurants, and places like moody gardens close by.
I love Houston and would always choose to live here again, but probably in a different area such as Sugarland. I would also like to live in a suburb.
The apartments are semi-ghetto. The neighborhoods nearby are pretty nice.
This area has a lot of different neighborhoods, which are all very different. There are more poor areas with richer neighborhoods very close by. So, choose where you want to live and it'll be okay.
This area is close by to tons of restaurants of all types. There's food of every cuisine, and they're all easily accessible. I do not of any bars, but it is close to downtown Houston, where there are lots so I imagine that they would get a high rating as well.
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You need to have experience to get any kind of job really because honestly I feel as if managers are becoming lazy and don't want to have to put up with training someone.
Plenty of museums downtown along with great clubs and bars with good musical acts, mostly local. There are great art museums downtown too! I have no clue about the comedy acts or other things.
There are great neighborhoods to run in and plenty of people take advantage. There is also a 24 Hour gym in the Meyerland Plaza! Overall the area is good for keeping up with your health and staying in good shape.