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Willow Glen is one of the cutest, safest and most diverse neighborhoods in the San Jose area. The streets are lined with beautiful trees, there are safe parks for all ages within one mile or less of each other. The downtown is filled with diverse restaurants from Mexican to Japanese and Greek to American. There are classy breakfast diners, restaurant bars, vegan-friendly eateries, and stores. They have candle making, pottery painting and candy shops for the entire family to enjoy! Even beautiful hiking trails are only a short distance away! If you work in downtown San Jose or want to go there for a night out it is only a 5 to 10-minute drive away. Willow Glen is beautiful, safe, fun and waiting for you!
I love living in the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose. I have lived here for the past 15 years and never want to leave. It is very family friendly. There is a safe vibe while walking around the neighborhood. It is very pricey to live here, hence only 4 stars instead of 5.
Best place to call home. I grew up in this family-friendly neighborhood. Lots of families and retired folks live here. The downtown has everything you need and more. The locals are friendly and community activities are abundant from Little League to music in the park to senior center services. Feels like a small town in one of the biggest cities around.
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Mostly great things to say. I have lived here for 4 years and I can see the charm of Willow Glen everywhere I look. Downtown is charming, the Holiday lights are charming, the summer events are charming. It's a little Oasis inside the big Urban sprawl of San Jose.
willow glen is a very family friendly, quant neighborhood with excellent parks and a phenomenal downtown. Although real estate is expensive, actual cost of living is very average for the bay area. walking downtown at night is beautiful due to tree lights being up year round. very safe and vary fun.
Very safe and welcoming neighborhood. Lovely downtown. Housing has become too expensive for middle or lower class people to live in. The middle school/high school has a lot of traffic and activity.
Willow Glen is a quiet neighborhood in SJ. Quiet because if you're not involved in the community, there's not much for you to do. If you have kids, WG is a nice place to live. However, Willow Glen lacks diversity and there's a huge socioeconomic gap that can be seen in its schools and layout. Some homes are really nice, but there's just that part of town that's not very nice at all. All the kids are caucasian or hispanic, but all white at the end of the day. Minorities are mocked and discrimination is constant. Otther than that though, it's a beautiful, albeit expensive, place to live. (Very secular)

Lots of crime has been popping up lately. Teachers fired for molestation accusations, liquor store robberies at gun point, and a family was murdered in front of a young boy. Take from that what you will.
I've lived in willow glen for about 5 years. best neighborhood to live in San Jose. my nieces attend willow glen elementary and willow glen middle. both love school and both have enjoy each one of their teachers. the neighborhood is safe and quite.
Very peaceful and beautiful. Great for families with children. Downtown Willow Glen offers a wide selection of restaurants and shops.
Willow Glen has been a wonderful neighborhood to grow up in over the past 20 years. There are so many friendly faces with whom you can share block party celebrations, or a nice chat. The only downside of this neighborhood is the forever increasing cost of living and a recent rise in local crime.
San Jose Unified is on the rise here and quite willing to work with families about their children's education. Lots of parks and open spaces as well as large lots, however the some streets are very tight.
I enjoy living in the Dub Gee. It is a great area to raise a family with wonderful people around. I work in Sunnyvale, and my commute is only 20 minutes. I enjoy the local Starbucks, with PizzaMyHeart. I live in the Mexican part of town, so the diversity pretty cool.
This is a great neighborhood with friendly people and a park nearby. I'd live here again, although it's less save at night by the 7-11 a few blocks over. Overall, this is a great neighborhood to grow up in. In the future I don't see this area changing much, other than younger families moving in.
Lately, Willow Glen has been experiencing an increase in vandalism/ home theft. According to my observations, the main targets are the most expensive homes in the neighborhood as well as the elderly home owners in the area. I did not see police on a regular basis, but they did seem to be pretty responsive whenever they were needed.
My husband and I lived in the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose, CA for almost 10 years, and we loved it! The best thing about Willow Glen is it's small town feel. We had the opportunity to get to know and become good friends with many of our neighbors. During our stay in Willow Glen, many small businesses openned and thrived in the Downtown area, which was wonderful to see! My husband and I also loved the the fact that Willow Glen is a very dog-friendly neighborhood! We were able to take our dog to many stores and restaurants, and it seemed that every neighbor welcomed her with open arms! Now, the only reason why I do not give Willow Glen a "best" rating is because the crime in the area is starting to increase, which is such a shame! But, overall, I would have to say that Willow Glen is definitely a neighborhood that I am going to miss!
I feel safe walking down the street at night alone. The neighborhood is very safe and well lit.
I love the community. The neighbors are friendly and welcoming.
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I rarely see police officers in this area, and always feel safe.
I feel safe in my neighborhood, my neighbors are very nice and I have even left my garage door open over night on accident and there were no incidents. I can walk around the block without fear and it is a close drive from shopping malls, grocery stores and hiking trails. It is also very close to my gym. I love this house and the area that surrounds it.
Sometime when I open the window at night, I can smell weed coming from other homes. I sometimes saw police enter apartment that is next to my apartment. I dont know what happen but it seems scared. And near to my apartment there is a seven eleven, near the 7-11 there have a lot of homeless walking around day and night. Overall is good.