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My wife and I moved to the Willmore area about 1 year ago and have enjoyed the area. The neighborhood is loaded with historical homes and charming architecture. Just a 10-minute walk to downtown, city hall, the court house and much more! I've found that money can go a little further in this area and you might be able to get more for your buck than in other, more popular section of Long Beach (at least for now until others find out the secret!)
If you enjoy California Craftsman charm and friendly people and great food; Willmore City Historic District is the place to consider. The last little pocket of affordable housing, where neighbors all know one another, and little hole in the wall places to eat that offer something for everyones taste. If your going to live in long beach then there is no better place than in the Willmore City Historic District.
the crime in my area does not affect me near do I hear a lot about criminal activity happening in my area but there are gangs a few blocks from where I stay at.
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The area which I live in is okay. It is usually peaceful with local business surrounding it.
Moved here because I go to CSULB and needed something fast. My apartment is in downtown, it is very hard to find parkong, the corner store in my block has been robbed twice by gunpoint since I have lived here, am trying to find a new area with better conditions.
It's a nice area to live in.
Since I live in the downtown area of Long Beach; there are many stores, restaurants. The streets are always busy with people. Especially at night, which is when couples or friends go out to bars or the movies to spend time. Clothing stores are also almost crowded for people buying new things to wear.
I live in a very low income area temporarily until I can get my daughter and I back on our feet. The local businesses in this area are of low quality. We do not shop in our area. We go to the nicer side of town where the quality we are looking for is more predominate.