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Williamsburg is a very nice area, especially to grow up in. Watching Williamsburg change throughout the years was a very great experience. Even though it's considered one of the more gentrified parts of Brooklyn, it's very diverse and there isn't many problems.
There are so many great things about it. Many stores and restaurants. Creatinve and passionate people work and live around there.
I truly love living in Brooklyn. Williamsburg has been a wonderful experience thus far. There is always something to do or see. Whether it be new restaurants, street markets, art fairs or rooftop films- this neighborhood provides lively moments any day of the week for those who are new and single to NY or for those creating new families.
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The Williamsburg area is very diverse. They are constantly adding new stores and buildings. Williamsburg is a place where you will never be bored because there are so many things to do and so many cool people to meet.
Williamsburg is very gentrified and needs more help from the community to keep it clean because there is trash on every other block. However Williamsburg is famous for its nightlife.
This is a wonderful place right over the bridge from Manhattan. The waterfront on Kent Avenue and the new park are beautiful. This neighborhood is a microcosm of NYC, with Chassidic, Hispanic, and hipster enclaves overlapping.
Williamsburg is known for it's night life and safe environment, but it is also a great location for anyone that wants to live very close Manhattan without giving up their sanity.
Gentrification while good has ran it’s course Removing longtime residents from their homes and small businesses changes the fabric of the neighborhood There needs to be a balance between preserving the culture and making change.You truly haven’t experienced New York if you do not visit one of the five boroughs especially Williamsburg Brooklyn. Ps Born and raised southside Williamsburg Brooklyn no matter where life takes me this will always be home ✌🏾
Williamsburg is a great area to live in because of the diversity. Its a great environment to live in.Theres always something to do in that area.Theres a movie theater, bowling alley, public pools, multiple parks for sports or even picnicking, as well as the pier which has a great view of manhattan.Theres even a ferry you can take from the Williamsburg pier either to manhattan or long island city
I have lived in here my entire life and it has the past couple years become gentrified which has caused some tension in the community. But overall there is a lot to do in Williamsburg from shopping , to visiting the waterfront, and all the lovely places to eat. It is overall a wonderful place to live. I just which there was more social equality, so that people wouldn't be kicked out of their homes.
Once you hear of Williamsburg, you hear gentrification. Williamsburg has changed drastically the past decade. Diversity has increased, more nightlife, and friendly environment.
Williamsburg is huge and that's what most people don't know. I live in south side of Williamsburg and I would say that what I love most is feeling comfortable to walk down the block at any given time and not be afraid of perverted men watching me or gangs hanging around. What I would definitely want to change is how the Hasidic Jews look at us. When they American people they look at us in disgust. They don't even want to touch or come close to you and I feel like that should change. Though they have their own system and way of living, they should not act racist.
What I like most about the part of Williamsburg that I live in, is the cultural diversity. There are many latino families who have been here for a long time, and they bring all of the wonderful aspects of their culture to the area. Because it is a very family-oriented area, it always feels safe and welcoming here.

In addition to this, Williamsburg is easy to navigate, close to public transport, close to Manhattan (just two stops on the train), and has all of the amenities (supermarkets and other shops, restaurants, hardware stores) that you could possibly want, all within walking distance. You could easily live here and never really have to leave.

What I would like to see change is the pace of gentrification that is happening in the area, which is forcing some of the long-standing residents out of the area and local businesses to close.
Williamsburg neighborhood its a friendly neighborhood with people from all over the world. there is a lot of diversity. I personally love to be surrounded of different type of people. they all have different personalities and that makes Williamsburg very interesting
I have been living here for over 15 years and the neighborhood has really changed a lot. From back in the 2000s, the place was very sketchy. However, after 2005, the community has gotten a lot better and it has become a very hipster neighborhood. Love it here now!
I adore this neighborhood, everything you need is within walking distance, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, gyms and even dentists and veterinarians. I'm close to three different subway lines, the park and my art studio. I've even become involved with the loft law board to ensure I am protected and can stay in this neighborhood for a long time to come.
the area is pretty quiet and relaxed. there are plenty of different restaurants and bed and breakfasts in the area. there are housing complexes, public schools and parks as well
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Williamsburg is a very beautiful place to life but the only thing that should be change is the garbage in the streets plus this gun violence.
It is more relaxed and open than Manhattan. It is easy to get there from the city. There are lots of cool places to see too.
I love it a lot very safe great for raising children lots of entertainment and nightlife great schools the housing is very good and there is no crime in this area.