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The Williamsbridge is very safe and quiet, as well as convenient. There are many shops and eateries nearby. Also, you can find many parks in the area and schools.
There are many public schools as well as a few Catholic Private Schools so deciding on a school for your children is easy. The neighborhood is generally safe, have not heard a gunshot yet unlike Newark, NJ, my previous neighborhood. Nightlife is a bit bland, a few bars around but no big clubs if you wanna hit a dance floor. Real Estate is high, there are always many houses for sale as well as apartments for rent. Lots of Jamaican food which I love, I have spotted also a Dominican restaurant if your feeling spanish flavors. Not to many Job opportunities aside from entry level jobs. Commute can be rather long on the train, expect contraction on train tracks, delays on weekends and sometimes transferring from train to a shuttle bus to reach the city. 1-1 1/2 hour train commute from the city.
Overall, the section of Williamsbridge in which I live is a nice area. Transportation is everywhere and the area looks very nice.
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its a very quite area , everyone is friendly people past by my house and have a conversation with my dog, they look out for each other
It's been known crimes taking place a little too clise for comfort in my area, it's rather scary because I never feel safe not knowing what can happen or when it would.
If I had to do it all over again I wouldn't have chosen to live here. I don't find the area to be the cleanest or quiet and I don't see it changing for the better any time soon to be honest.
The police definitely show up when needed and in a timely manner. The safety in this area is okay as well. It's better to stay aware of your surroundings and not speak to strangers.
If I could choose to live here all over again, I wouldn't choose it. The area is sometimes unsafe because of the type of residents that live here.
There are alot of crimes that happen around my neighborhood. People get shot/ stabbed, but not necessarily on my block, just around the area.
The area is generally quiet. i would like to move though. There are some ignorant people that live around here and i would like to live in a neighborhood where there are nicer people
It has it's ups and downs, but overall the neighborhood is quite at certain times.
It is very diverse, and the people here has a good vibe. There is always a good and a bad to every neighborhood.
Not a lot of crime happens around here
A lot has changed in 10 years
Police are always seen cruising the blocks on duty
The neighborhood isn't really culturally diverse
Housing in this area is very costly
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It's a friendly area will say hi in passing
The police are very visible in the area and there's not a lot of crime here
It's a quiet area but if I could do better I would not live here