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People in my area are very inactive. People seem to not care for exercise, also there is a lack of healthy food options. The lack of availability in terms of healthy food choices is probably the problem. I believe that if the people in my area had more access to healthy options it would influence them to be more physically active.
I live in one of the top three most dangerous cities in New York State. I feel absolutely unsafe. There is so much violence and many criminal acts. My major concern is that city officials are aware of the amount of crime within the area but fail to do something that would invoke change. Law enforcement is rarely seen; so they are not regularly visible. This is not an area that I would want my child to live in.
In my area, winter seems to last nearly 8 of the 12 months per year. Winters are very cold with frequent storms. Power outages are a regular occurrence due to severe snow storms. Temperatures are frigid and sometimes unbearable, however, summers are extremely hot. Fall and spring almost do not exist, they each last a week or two and then winter or summer hits. As for winter, when winter hits everyone goes to stores and stocks up on food and drink. The most valuable items include boots, heavy coats, hats and gloves. It's a common fact that when a storm comes, layers are your friend. Every year there seems to be some sort of huge storm that hits and shuts the city down for a few days. The weather impacts my life severely because it does not prohibit activity.
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Night-life establishments and restaurants do not exist. There are absolutely no options unless someone were to consider McDonalds a quality restaurant. My area lacks variety; there a very few options or at least not enough to be able to have a legitimate choice. People in the local neighborhood have to travel long distances in order to enjoy variety and high-end establishments.
It's nearly impossible to get a job in my area. Due to the fact that most businesses are mom-and-pop in the area, very few establishments allow outside employment.
Business in the area tends to shy away from big business, other than the local McDonalds and Rite-Aid. Local business is typically owned by families, accordingly, it's safe to say that it's more of a mom-and-pop area with low quality service. My area lacks a lot of quality but it's enough for a sustainable life, just on a lower level. So much more could be offered to the people of my area but the absence of big business takes away from the service and products of the local area..