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Nice and cheap apartments. Worth a wait
Everyone is happy and playing at the parks and water parks
I believe it can get better only if we all try to stop it.
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I think the area is very safe and fun. Many will agree
Crimes ever hardly happen around this area, the worst that has happen is people creating a public disturbance by shooting small fire crackers for about 3 months.
The general atmosphere of the area is pretty great. There has been times where the neighborhood gets loud or their is a public disturbance, but such issues gets resolved quickly. The neighbors are pretty friendly and will strike up a conversation with you if you happen to be outside. In addition to that statement, they also look out for children in front of their houses while waiting for the buses, they help out by shoveling the snow away for the kids to simply making sure we have a ride to school as well.
Could be better. Include more outdoor activities for families to do.
I haven't used many services so I wouldn't know.
I would be careful in any neighborhood. You never know what will happen.
The winters are too cold and the summers are too hot.
There are employed people everywhere you go, but the number of homeless and jobless people are still very high.
I am not at a legal age to drink alcohol so I cannot speak for the bars in the area. However, there are tons of places to eat.
The local businesses around the neighborhood are great. They are small but well-runned. I wish there were more stores to shop at. People have to travel at least 10-15 minutes or more in order to find a decent mall.
I am not sure about opportunities in my surrounding area but I live close to downtown and there are many opportunities there although it is a different zipcode
We're in Minnesota so sometimes it gets way too cold and sometimes it gets way too hot, it depends on the season.
There a lot of opportunities for health care and fitness around here just not everyone takes advantage eof it.
Nature is all around even though we're in a city, you just have to know where to look.
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I love living here and seeing things grow and improve from as bad as they were when I moved here.
There's a lot of business in the area, a lot of choices when it comes to that.
We have the Metro Transit buses and they'r pretty awesome, but they get to be crowded during the rush hour time. Minneapolis always has construction going on in the summer and that sucks but it should be okay with back roads and alternative routes.