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Living in this area can feel questionable, however I still feel safe in my area. Crime can vary yet the police force does its best to keep everything calm.
The general atmosphere can be questionable at times however I still feel safe in my area.
In all the time I've lived here there hasn't been a incident regarding crime.
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Its a real quiet area where the neighbors all look out for one another. Mostly everyone has a sort of pet whether it be dogs or cats and we all know whose pet is where. The area is very close to stores and restaurants which is always a plus. We also sit close to the base of a mountain so anyone could hike as they please. I would definitely see myself living here as long as i can.
There aren't too many job opportunities in San Bernardino or the inland empire in general. San Bernardino city has filed bankruptcy which affects its ability to hire city employees are maintain city services. Most employment in this area is in the automotive field and or fast food field. There is little too no opportunities to grow.
San Bernardino is a poor community with low quality stores. The produce in grocery stores are typically spoiled and or on the verge of expiration. The gas stations are experiencing fraudulent activity with criminals scanning credit cards and obtaining the citizens information.
the housing here north of the 210 freeway is very cozy and peaceful
the city itself is high in crime rates but the specific area we live in is lower than the city average.
beautiful southern california weather, not much more to say about that!
almost all of the bars, clubs, and night life hangouts are over run by gangs and gang related activities.
in order for people to attain a decent job with a decent wage in our area, they need to travel to other nearby cities and may depend on reliable transportation more than public transportation.
there are many small retail stores locally that are o.k. but if we want to go to a well established retail store or restaurant then we have to travel on average about 15 miles in order to purchase quality food or other retail items.
There are a lot of stores in this area