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The crime in my area is getting worse. Despite police lights and a moderate amount of police patrolling, crimes, such as shootings, still seem to occur too frequently.
Overall, I believe I live in a pretty good area. Despite the crime, my area is generally quiet, following friendly neighbors. Everyone knows everyone in our area which makes it better. However, if I had to choose where to live here again, I wouldn't.
This community is very poor people try not to stay here long if they can help it
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There is no nature in this area
Public services is horrible in this area.
There is no fitness center in my area, and the area high school is closed....
We've had more shootings in our area, as well as, thief lately
We had a lot of snow this year...
I don't live in an area where you can socialize or have a night out with dancing and a wonderful dinner.
My area does not have opportunities for employment.
We have mom and pop stores, they are very ghetto. Also there is a CVS and Rite Aid in my area. They are not as nice as the stores in the suburbs.
Crime is out of control in this area. The police are no help at all instead of them helping make situations better they make it worst.
The weather is normal around here we receive all four seasons.
Night life is ok here as it is a rough area there are not to many people that feel comfortable hanging out in the area. There are a few great restaurants and bars in the area.
If you have th e education and or the drive to get a job and succeed at it you should not have any problems with finding a job.
Pretty rough area but the stores are decent.