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Wicker Park is a hipster destination in Chicago. It is a clean, safe neighborhood which offers a wide range of food, drink, and shopping. We've been living here for almost a year and have loved every minute of it.
Wicker Park is great for young people and young professionals. There are great bars and restaurants to walk to and even a dog park!
People socialize. People do many different things. Everyone is seemingly a hipster with a niche for fighting slightly confusing causes.
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I like wicker park because it has many sides to offer a wide range of people. It has apartment buildings and fancy condos. Bars and hole in wall restaurants to fine dining. Traffic is horrible!
Best neighborhood in Chicago. Great food, great outdoor spaces. Easy commute downtown and plenty of things to do.
I have live in wicker park my whole life. I remember it being not a great neighborhood to live but over the years the neighborhood has change for the bettter. With better parks,better job opportunities, safer streets for the kids of the neighborhood. Wicker park has a lot of potential to grow to be a great neighborhood and I'm proud to live here.
Wicker Park is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Chicago. It sits conveniently between Logan Square, Lincoln Park, Humboldt Park, & Ukrainian Village, making it a prime location for easy access to other fabulous parts of the city. It's bustling with creative individuals, unique art, amazing food, & stunning architecture. Visit The Robey Hotel to take in some of the most jaw-dropping 360 degree views that Chicago has to offer. Go to Wicker Park & have a world of cuisines at my fingertips (with great atmospheres to boot). Enjoy flavorful Middle Eastern food at Sultan's Market, fresh sushi at Enso, delicious tacos at Big Star, hearty Ramen at Furious Spoon, or one of the best burgers in town (or the country) at Mindy's Hot Chocolate. Spend the day in Wicker Park to shop, gallery hop, dance to live music, play some pool, or sip craft cocktails on a patio. It's a treasure-trove of a neighborhood with so much to offer, making it one of Chicago's best.
Wicker park is a great neighborhood for young urban professionals. The nightlife, food, and accessibility to trains and the airport make it a very appealing place to live.
Great place to live, or visit. It has tons of shops and restaurants, and is just a 10 minute train ride from downtown.
Wicker Park is one of the most famous areas in Chicago where you want to live. Although living in Wicker park is not so cheap, this neighborhood has a lot to offer.For example, we have the 606 trail path, in which you can go for a run or walk at any time of the day. We also have bars, shopping centers, coffee shops, and small business locations where you can find any of your needs. The summer is just perfect if you head out towards Wicker Park area.
Wicker Park is by far one of the coolest neighborhoods in Chicago, however as a result, the rent has skyrocketed over the last couple of years, bringing in families to move into the unaffordable housing and pushing students and lower-income families elsewhere.
Wicker Park is a unique gem of culture and community in the landscape of the greater Chicago area. It offers spaces that range from expensive to cheap, quiet to bustling, urban to natural and everything in between! Local businesses and historical architecture promote a one of a kind atmosphere that is unmistakeable and worth preserving.
Wicker Park is a beautiful up and coming neighborhood. I lived there for two years right outside the intersection of Damen and Division. The night scene is one of the best in the city. Milwaukee looks like a carnival at 3 am on the weekends! Food is amazing, people are nice. The housing market is exploding too, the value of my aunts house has nearly doubled in the last 6 years. The crime is no different then any other popular area in the city. The "local homeless" guys are so nice, I even have friends I bring sandwiches.
In frank terms, Wicker Park is the Williamsburg Brooklyn of Chicago. Wicker Park is a great place to live whether you are a recent college graduate, young professional, or new family. The neighborhood is full of great restaurants, coffee shops, and nightlife. Stay in the Robey Hotel for a swanky experience in the heart of the neighborhood and grab a bite to eat at the newly opened Publican Anker across the street for one of the best burgers in town. After, check out Subterranean for a concert and dancing. Whatever you like to do, you can find it here in Wicker Park!
It's a safe neighborhood. A love be surrounded with tons of restaurant . People are friendly. A lot family with dogs and children
This is a great place to be if you like an assortment of local restaurants and bars that is a short L ride from the loop or O'hare.
There are newish residents to the community who seem to want to be a part of the neighborhood. They patronize local businesses and are friendly towards the longtime residents of the community. This area is interesting because it is gentrifying and that's always a touchy subject for longtime residents. Many older residents have been in Humboldt Park for 40 years, others came here from Puerto Rico the Ukraine and Poland as well as Mexico. Others just moved to Chicago from different parts of the Midwest. There is also a strong artist community here. Everyone has their pocket of the neighborhood, yet all seem to come together when its time to go grocery shopping truth be told.
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There have been incidents in the past few months, but in comparison to the general population of the neighborhood, they seem to be more random than prevalent and/or indicative of the neighborhood as a whole.
Humboldt Park tends to get a rather bad rap in the press but it is a great place to live. There are reasonably priced restaurants everywhere, there are good community schools, health centers, hospitals, grocery stores and affordable rent. All factors that make a neighborhood a good one. What stands out the most are the social service programs within walking distance from any given street in the neighborhood that are willing to help you no matter your life situation . The people are friendly and open, which is badly needed in a world that seems to grow more distant everyday. I see it only getting better, it has already come such a long way. The people of Humboldt Park care about where they live and that will only cause it to grow.
Being on the edge of Humbolt Park which has a higher crime rate sometimes leads to crime spreading to our area. Police are spread too thin to respond to every incident.