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Whittier strikes a good balance between walkability, location, affordability, and diversity. The area is mostly residential (mix of low-rise brownstones, duplexes and some single-family homes) but it's also surrounded by major business arteries on each side, giving the neighborhood feel at once both laid-back and vibrant. The neighborhood is highly walkable, and its location relative to the rest of the city is just about unbeatable: centrally located near Eat Street, Lyndale, Downtown, Uptown, Midtown Greenway, Wedge Co-Op, Minneapolis Art Institute, Washburn Fair Oaks Park, and the I-94/I-35 interstates.

The area feels safe, while remaining ethnically and economically diverse - it has the advantage of being an "established" neighborhood with many amenities, without having become totally gentrified yet. This gives it the charm which has been completely eroded in other dense Minneapolis neighborhoods like Uptown. Well, enjoy it before the yuppies take it over.
Living in Minneapolis has been great. I am close to school and everything I need. I have access to healthy organic options and some of the best bike trails in the state. I would highly recommend checking out Minneapolis. It has a lot to offer every age group.
I've been living in the Whittier area while I attend school, and I have mixed feelings. It's not a terrible area to live, I can easily hop on a bus to get wherever I need to go and there is Eat Street nearby with a lot of food if that's what you're into. And downtown is just a short walk away, which would be great if I had any need to go down there, haha. I can't speak much on the public schools aside from the experiences my friend has as a teacher, and it varies pending the school. Personally I would prefer to move somewhere else where I don't have to listen to screaming and fighting on occasion outside.
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the housing here are alright.
you can get a job if you have good connections.