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Generally safe, I did have my car broken into on one occasion
Beautiful outdoor setting and a quirky neighborhood environment.
There is an extreme shortage of affordable housing all over the city. Rents continue to skyrocket, and the city's solution is to build new, expensive high-rise condos and efficiency studios. Most single adults live with roommates, regardless of age, because it's the only way they can afford to live here (and it's still crazy expensive - like half your income or more to pay the rent/utilities every month). Even an efficiency studio (no kitchen, laundry) will run you $800 (CHEAP and RARE) to $1000 per month (almost all of them are this much or more). Efficiency! Rooms in a shared house/apartment typically average $700 or more before utilities, and don't hope to bring your pet. Homelessness is obviously a huge issue because of never-ending rent hikes, and there is a huge amount of opposition to the city raising the minimum wage in order to make housing more accessible for citizens. The city is doing absolutely nothing about the increasing cost of rent directly, either.
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There are a lot of car prowls and break-ins, and some home break-ins but that's it. The police do not consider this neighborhood high on their priority list, and often don't show up at all when called. I've never had to call them since moving here, though.
I like living in Ballard for the reasons already mentioned previously.